Month: July 2011

Equifax Corporation

Equifax Corporation – Atlanta, Georgia

May 1998 — The Equifax Corporation has contracted Executive Order to provide custom program development and application development consultant to Equifax Card Solutions. The Equifax Corporation has engaged Executive Order Corporation.

May 1998 for programming development and requirements for computerized card services systems. Programming/Development of Delphi 4.0 and 5.0 Windows NT/2000 card services applications. MS-SQL DB/2 client/server, Delphi Internet (World Wide Web) server applications, MS-SNA Server.

First Data Corporation

First Data contracted with Executive Order to create Fraud Management and Store Tracking Systems

First Data – Marietta, GA

January 2004 — Executive Order develops a fraud prevention solution for payment, credit, oil, and retail card issuers to minimize fraud losses by detecting fraudulent card transactions in real time for First Data. The Executive Order Fraud Manager assists credit card issuers to combat identity theft by recognizing suspicious transactional patterns and applying predictive modeling – unparalleled protection from credit card fraud. The profiling technology and broad-based consortium models deliver reliable fraud scoring at the lowest false positives in the industry, resulting in significantly reduced fraud losses. Also, Falcon Fraud Manager delivers:

  • Automated individual transaction analysis
  • Seamless integration with institutional authorization systems
  • Region-specific fraud modeling
  • Rules customization to fit the business strategy
  • Comprehensive case management
  • Fraud modeling alert

Bank of America

Bank of America – Jacksonville, Florida

May 2012 — Bank of America has contracted Executive Order Corporation to provide custom program development, application development, and Senior Enterprise Architect guidance for Merrill Lynch – Desktop Framework and Ernst & Young Borneo eComm integration into BofA. Executive Order Corporation developed the Architecture Governance Process for BofA component deployment for Merrill Lynch – Desktop Framework, which BofA is rolling out to their call centers and card centers.

Bank of America – Senior Enterprise Architecture for contact center, card center/voice architecture. Primary architect design to Merrill Lynch – Desktop Framework and Ernst & Young Borneo eComm CCUT BofA integration. Develop architecture governance, lead overall design and oversee the development of cross-functional, multi-platform applications systems. Develop application architecture, blueprints/defines application components, platforms, interfaces, and development tools. Provided technical guidance to application development teams, consulted on integration and conversion issues and participated in mapping technology-independent applications architecture to the chosen technology platform. Made high-level design choices and dictated technical standards.

AT&T – BellSouth

AT&T contracted with Executive Order to provide Senior Technical Enterprise Architect Management

AT&T – BellSouth – Atlanta, GA

January 2007 — Executive Order provides Senior Technical Enterprise Architect Management Consulting Services to AT&T; the recognized leading worldwide provider of IP-based communications services to businesses and the leading U.S. provider of wireless, high-speed Internet access, local and long distance voice, and directory publishing and advertising services.

The merger of AT&T and BellSouth, along with the ownership consolidation of Cingular Wireless will speed convergence, competition and continued innovation in the communications and entertainment industry creating new solutions for consumers and businesses. AT&T Inc. has acquired BellSouth Corp., together with Cingular Wireless. The combined company — which will eventually transition to the AT&T brand name — has begun a process designed to provide a smooth, efficient and well-planned integration.