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Executive Order is a leading provider of technology that helps global companies design, develop, deploy, and integrate software applications. Delivering best-in-class solutions dedicated to interoperability, we allow enterprises of all sizes to move towards cloud-based computing while continuing to leverage the benefits of legacy systems.

Executive Order is a premier custom software development company offering diverse solutions to help our clients and organizations achieve their goals. We specialize in desktop and cloud-enabled IT solutions for small and large business enterprises whose core competency is Time-to-Market and requires expert software development services and support.

Our professional offerings span Business and Technology Consulting, Business Application Development, Mobile Messaging Solutions, Custom Web Design, E-commerce Development, Web Maintenance, Software Re-Engineering, IoT-Internet of Things, GPS Tracking, Environment Monitoring, Equipment Condition, Telematics Solution, Remote Sensors, Hardware Engine Solutions, Internet Applications, Hosting Solutions for Enterprises, GPS and Remote Sensing Services and Development Program Planning and Management.

At Executive Order, you will work with one of our experienced consultants assigned to your team as a technical adviser to get the skills you need to develop on-going enterprise applications. A project consultant can be scheduled for the complete project, or just for the critical portions such as start-up, mid-course corrections, or final packaging and testing. Our project consultants can provide the guidance for your Enterprise IT Management. Executive Order is an innovator. We at Executive Order Corp help our customers achieve their most challenging goals. We are always happy to discuss our current and future plans with qualified, interested parties.

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Download our Executive Order – Project Consulting and Custom Applications Professional Services and Professional Software Development Service Brochure.

We provide businesses with software development services to help become more efficient and effective with GPS Tracking and remote data monitoring. If you are searching for an IoT or BPM software developer expert, we have a wide range of in-house and outsource experts in different business sectors.

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