Executive Order Product Modernization

Executive Order Enterprise Development — We provide professional custom software development solutions for companies requiring software applications on all Enterprise devices. We have a team of professionals specialized in Enterprise application development and offer our clients quality services in all aspects of Enterprise application development.

Also, we specialize in the Android software stack for mobile devices includes an operating system, middleware, and key applications. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to develop your custom mobile applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.

Custom Software Development and Custom Programming —  We provide custom software development services to organizations throughout the world.  We have specialized in custom software development for a wide variety of industries. During that time we have developed hundreds of custom business software systems, custom database software applications, and custom e-Commerce software solutions for our clients. If you have a business software problem or if you have an idea that will help streamline your business operations, we can design and build the appropriate software for you.

Executive Order Corporation Digital Transformation

Upgrading traditional legacy applications is crucial for any company to stay relevant and retain their competitive edge. Product companies regularly upgrade their products to keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies, as well as address changing customer demand.

At Executive Order Technologies, we help our customers in making their legacy products ‘smarter’ in a hassle-free environment, and without interrupting the ongoing operations. We help our customers with:

  • Technology Modernization — Architecture Modernization — UX Modernization

Maintenance and Support – At Executive Order Tron Technologies, we provide SLA-driven dedicated software maintenance and support services. This enables our customer to focus on core business functions.

Our Product Maintenance & Support Services include

  • Software Maintenance support
  • Enhancements to existing software
  • Technology migration services
  • Software upgrades
  • Functionality upgrades
  • Bug fixing and change request handling
  • Performance optimization
  • Technology migration services

Integration Services – Even as the world negotiates with continuous technological advancement, enterprises are dealing with large number of disparate technologies, applications and packaged software products from different vendors. This creates unnecessary complexities and redundancies within the IT landscape and prevents the automation of processes.

Through our integration services we help customers improve the scalability, availability and operational efficiency of the installed software products as well as platforms. Our integration services include:

  • Architecture design and roadmap
  • Integration testing strategies
  • Maintenance of integrated applications
  • Product and data migration
  • Application and process optimization

Data Analytics – In an increasingly data-driven business word, companies are extensively reliant on data analysis that helps make informed decisions. Data analysis also helps businesses minimize risks and maximize profits.

At Executive Order Technologies, we are easing our customers’ data management journey. From data extraction, data governance to data quality management and analytics, we facilitate optimized use of data for our customers to make informed quality decisions for positive corporate growth.

Our Data Analytics Services includes:

  • Descriptive Analytics – Describing the current status based on incoming data with a real-time dashboard.
  • Diagnostic Analytics – Demonstrating past performance through an analytical dashboard, to determine the details of incidents.
  • Predictive Analytics – An analysis presented in the form of a predictive forecast about potential occurrences in the future.
  • Prescriptive Analytics – An analysis complete with rules and recommendation that reveal what actions should be taken.

Executive Order Custom Software Development

The Executive Order Custom Software Project Approach — We implement your project using the expert skills and talents of our experienced and knowledgeable developers. In a contract arrangement, our consultants design and develop custom software for specific client projects. This can consist of designing a separate, independent application or integrating software components with an existing client application.

Our custom application software development is based upon the latest technologies available, and our custom business software solutions are designed to meet the exact needs of the customer. We develop custom business software solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications and can build a custom business software application for you.

We also provide businesses with software development services to help become more efficient and effective with GPS tracking and remote data monitoring. If you are searching for an IoT or BPM software developer expert, we have a wide range of in-house and outsource experts in different business sectors.

Download Our Executive Order – Project Consulting and Custom Applications Professional Services and Professional Software Development Service Brochure.

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