Executive Order Connected World

Executive Order Connected World

Executive Order Technologies takes the exploding IoT (Internet of Things), bots and cloud services using the Internet to enable new use cases and new business models across multiple markets and application to a new level of environment monitoring and equipment condition telematics solutions for your business. As a trusted partner our focused and comprehensive strategies, agility, and innovation set us apart and help deliver measurable impact on your business in the Connected World.

  • Wearable Development

We believe that wearable application development technology can significantly shape the future of businesses. Invention and triumphs of multiple wearable devices like Google Glass, Smart Watch, Apple Watch, Android wear as well as fitness and healthcare wearables have transformed the lifestyles of many. At Executive Order Technologies we are a part of this transformational journey by aiding our customers in the segment in the following ways.

Smart Watch Development – Medical monitoring devices and wearable health technology

We are also helping customers in the development of applications for audio recording, tracking sleep patterns, making quick notes, toggling smartphone features and so on.

  • Wearable technology in healthcare includes electronic devices that consumers can wear, like Fitbits and smartwatches, and are designed to collect the data of users’ personal health and exercise.
  • Growing demand for wearables has generated a booming market, and now insurers and companies are seeing how supplying wearable health technology to their consumers and employees is beneficial.
  • We provide solutions for Biosensors, wearable medical devices that are radically different from wrist trackers and smartwatches. These self-adhesive patch that allows patients to move around while collecting data on their movement, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature.

The wearable healthcare technology market is surging and will put more wearable technology in the hands of consumers and US businesses.

  • Digital Twin

Digital Twin refers to an exact digital replica of an article in the physical world. IoT sensors gather data from the physical world and send it to machines to reconstruct the exact replica. Creating digital twins can help us in getting an insight about improving operations, increasing efficiency and discovering a future challenge. At Executive Order Technologies we are helping customers enhance operational efficiencies through the following

Spatial Intelligence Graph – To catalogue the relationship between people, places and devices

Digital Twin object models – For predefined ontology describing domain-specific concepts, categories and properties, such as smart building ontology and energy-grid ontology

Multiple and nested tenants – For solutions that provide secure separation across multiple and nested tenants

Advanced compute capabilities – For customization and automation of device tasks

Built-in access control – For secure access control for individuals and devices

  • IoT Governance

Our IoT governance model and framework helps our clients perform gap, security and threat analysis to identify and mitigate the risks that the Company may face from away from the negligent governance. We ensure compliance with the best practices, to help you have the right governance model at place. At Executive Order Technologies we are helping customers built a robust governance framework through.

Security Analysis – We formulate a comprehensive technology strategy to address complexities while defining the IoT governance policies and reference architecture

Risk Assessment – Our expertise includes risk assessment and mitigation of risk components in the IoT ecosystem

Business Analysis – Our team understands and delivers the business value proposition based on the IoT framework in practice.

Best practice compliance – We prepare the IoT systems in a way such that they are compliant with the organizational policies.

  • Executive Order Connected Secure Assets

There has been an exponential rise in the number of IoT connected devices. Their increased presence in our daily lives has led to growing security concerns. Our inclusive framework to secure the application and data of all connected devices has enabled our customers build a reliable IoT products. Our IoT security is the practice that keeps your IoT systems safe. We are strengthening organizational security in the following ways.

Secure connecting assets – Defining and deployment of operational security practices as well as security development lifecycle.

IoT and Enterprise Secure Data – Managing the security framework in the IoT ecosystem to enhance security of enterprise data.

Service monitoring for differentiated customer service – Detecting vulnerabilities in the system and ensuring that the monitoring system remains functional at all times.

Executive Order Corporation can provide complete control and monitoring of your equipment. Using our custom Satellite Tron-TI IoTBPM software solution is easy, fast, and the least expensive way to maintain your business equipment in the connected world.

IoT Definition

IoT is the integration of computer-based systems into our physical world. – Steven Woodward

We also provide businesses with software development services to help become more efficient and effective with GPS Tracking and remote data monitoring. If you are searching for an IoT or BPM software developer expert, we have a wide range of in-house and outsource experts in different business sectors.

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